School of Ayurvedic Techniques

The school of Ayurvedic techniques:
to become a professional

Careful and extensive training for the Ayurvedic Wellness Professional. Nutrition, aromatherapy, massages and Ayurvedic treatments, the classic Ayurvedic school combined with the dynamics of practical teaching, creating a highly proactive curriculum that can be used in the world of work. The Ayurvedic Wellness Operator has a wide range of offers, in a sector that knows no crisis: Freelance with his own business or in Beauty Centers, SPAs, Spa facilities, Holistic Centers.

The course is organized over a two-year period, for a total of 500 hours:

At the end of the First Year (10 months) a HOLISTIC AYURVEDA WELLNESS OPERATOR CERTIFICATE will be issued valid for work purposes, pursuant to Law 4/2013.

At the end of the second year (optional, 10 months) the PROFESSIONAL TITLE HOLISTIC OPERATOR OF AYURVEDIC WELLNESS will be issued with specialization in AYURVEDA, MASSAGES AND AYURVEDIC TREATMENTS


Your studies with Accademia Sol

Take part in 10 weekends of lessons to start your academic path at the academy in the best possible way, which includes:



  • History and fundamental principles of Ayurveda
  • Introduction to the concept of purification and detoxification
  • Complete technique of Ayurvedic face and head massage
  • Digestive system and gastric fire
  • Human energy system and vital energy
  • Muscular Osteo Apparatus
  • The circulatory system
  • Hot Stone Treatment and Pinda Sweda
  • Basic crystal therapy
  • Lymphatic system



Take part in 10 weekends of lessons to better continue your course of study on Naturopathy which includes:


  • In-depth study of the musculoskeletal system
  • Lymphatic system
  • Ayurveda and pregnancy, the concept of sensory mother contact
  • Muscular system and fascia
  • Excretory organs and drainage in Ayurveda
  • Anatomy and physiology in Ayurveda, the tissues
  • Aromatherapy
  • The bioenergetic system, energy and Marma points
  • Physiology of the integumentary tissue


Do you want to become a professional too
in Ayurveda, Massages and Ayurvedic Treatments?

Accademia Sol Genova offers you a serious, consistent, at the same time dynamic and proactive training, creating your professional curriculum together, with the added value of real expertise in the most requested sector: Ayurvedic Wellness. A School that combines competence with the unfailing enthusiasm in creating new, great, opportunities for personal and work growth.