Chakra Rebalancing Treatment

Often our fears and anxieties are the result of an energy imbalance. Living in a society like today’s is increasingly difficult: emotions and frailties are put aside because they are considered a sign of weakness.

According to Eastern tradition, 7 chakras are positioned inside our body, within which energy flows. A good functioning of the chakras can positively affect our daily life.

They are related to levels of consciousness, stages inherent in the development of life, colors, sounds, body functions and much more.

Each chakra has a meaning and a function; if for any reason our emotions oppose the movement or even block this movement, it has an impact on our body.

  • CHAKRA 1: is the root chakra. It is located in the lower part of the pelvis, between the coccyx and pubis. Clour: red. Meaning: it is the ability to govern instincts. It is the chakra with which the energies of the Earth are absorbed and therefore our roots, our connection with mother earth.

  • CHAKRA 2: located on the lower half of the belly, two fingers below the navel. Color: orange Meaning: it is the pleasure, the joy of living, sexuality expressed to its fullest potential.

  • CHAKRA 3: located on the upper half of the belly, exactly on the solar plexus. Yellow color. Meaning: it is the will, self-esteem and personal autonomy.

  • CHAKRA 4: located near the chest at the level of the heart. Green colour. Meaning: it is the ability to love emotionally, that is, to feel a feeling that does not start so much from the mind, as from the heart. It is unconditional love.

  • CHAKRA 5: located in the lower half of the neck and at the level of the collarbones. Light blue. Meaning: it is creativity, communication, strong aesthetic perception. Creative people and artists usually have the fifth chakra well developed.

  • CHAKRA 6: located in the center on the forehead near the eyes. Color: indigo. Meaning: it controls intuition, imagination and is associated with the parts of consciousness that are concerned with the spiritual view of life.

  • CHAKRA 7: located above the skull near the fontanel, our opening towards the universe. White color. Meaning: It is communion with the Divine, however a person interprets it.

The importance that each chakra has on our psychophysical balance is evident, think of the harmony that could surround you if all the chakras were in balance!

The rebalancing of the chakras is a very intimate and intense treatment, which generates a moment of introspection where you really look inside. The duration can vary from 20 to 30 minutes, followed by the interview with the therapist.

After making contact with the person and with his energy, each chakra is analyzed, and eventually the blocks are removed.

The benefits are many: it improves sleep and mood, instills peace and serenity, works a lot on anxiety and stress and therefore on all the symptoms that they can bring.