Holistic massage and its benefits

Holistic massage is a global massage which respects anatomical and bioenergetic needs of the person, combined with natural therapies such as aromatherapy, crystal therapy, chromotherapy. It is definitely suitable as an anti-stress, to help us overcome the emotional blocks and muscle contractures that often derive from these.

Massage is the oldest and most immediate remedy to relieve pain or fatigue: we often place our hands on the part of the body that hurts us with a simple and instinctive gesture since the dawn of time. Among the numerous types of massage offered by the specialized centers, holistic massage can be considered as a synthesis with the ultimate goal of achieving psychophysical well-being and therefore the balance of the person. “Holistic” in fact means “whole” (from the Greek olos , “Totality”) and by holistic massage we therefore mean a type of treatment that considers the person as a whole. Based on the non-verbal communication of the body, a good massage therapist learns to listen to what the physical body communicates, observing the color of the skin, relaxation and contractures, the breath and the positions taken during the massage by the body, hands, feet and the movements of the face.

It is therefore a global massage that follows the specific manual techniques for massage and integrates with other aspects related to natural therapies such as aromatherapy (through the use of essential oils), crystal therapy (with the positioning of selected colored crystals on the body), chromotherapy (use of soft colored lights) based on the real needs of the patient, who will acquire fluency and relaxation.

Definitely suitable as an anti-stress technique, this type of massage reduces the impact with daily life that often forces us into situations where our body goes into suffering: from the wrong posture at the desk to the hardening of the character due to difficult interpersonal relationships, the holistic massage can become a valid help to help us overcome the emotional impasse and muscle blocks that derive from it.