The history of Accademia Sol

Told by its founder

The Sol Academy of Naturopathy is a project that saw the light in 2011. Its design has “cured” me, step by step, and in the same way its purpose is to “assist” others. By nature, by instinct or maybe just out of laziness we are led to live loving and protecting only ourselves. It may seem like a good life but it dries up the ground around us. Until a few years ago I lived on that poor ground, which did not give me support when I had to face difficulties, devastating disappointments and even pains capable of bending the body and the spirit, I had nothing around to cling to. I faced the darkness that blinded me, moments in which, as a fragile man, I wondered the reason for so much suffering, moments that gave me no answer. But nothing happens by chance.

My slow journey towards the warm embrace of wellbeing began thanks to an encounter with an extraordinary person, a woman who “consulted” and “assisted” me, supported and helped both physically and emotionally. I found in her a “mean”, severe and generous, which gave me new lessons on this blessed craft of living. She, a Naturopath, accompanied me step by step inside me, where I could reread all my questions and with them all my answers. Driven by my pride, by his trust in me and also by a good dose of curiosity, I approached the study of Naturopathy, I attended numerous courses and seminars, and even schools to reach the knowledge base. No more arid land! Incredibly, the energy I was hearing about, which I was approaching, belonged to me. She opened a small crack in me from which I was able to spy on that immense world that is well-being. Thanks to her and to the exceptional people I met on numerous trips, who showed me how well it is to make yourself available to others with humility and respect, I have finally regained my dimension, I am now able to observe everything from a new perspective, even the dark. This intense journey aims to be the engine that generates energy and feeds the mechanism of this School. A school that wanted the eagle as a distinctive sign, the one who has the right vision of the world from above.

Fabio Bertagnolo

Founder of Accademia Sol

Accademia Sol è una Scuola di Naturopatia con lo scopo di insegnare, divulgare e diffondere i principi della Naturopatia Olistica.

Accademia Sol ti accompagna per costruire il tuo futuro personale e professionale