What does self healing mean

Why talk about “self-healing”?

Perhaps because, being surrounded by so many natural and allopathic complementary remedies, it is good to dwell on that principle more powerful than all the others that can accompany ourselves towards the path of health.

So why has this ancient wisdom been gradually disappearing? C. G. Jung said that “disease is the effort that Nature makes to heal”. Often, however, we consider it only as a misfortune, a calamity, or the result of chance, and we rage with medicines, manipulations, or surgery. Instead, this vision should be completely overturned, recognizing illness as “a biological survival reaction in the face of an emotionally difficult event”. It is therefore not a question of fighting the disease, but of accompanying it, of learning to read it and activate the power of self-healing within us. The placebo effect constitutes a fundamental proof of the self-healing power of the body-mind system. We are programmed to repair ourselves, but official medicine avoids deepening and hastily treats the subject, deeming any further clues or statistical data to confirm the fact negligible. This is due to the dogmatic thinking that dominates the research but above all for economic considerations. (If the body were encouraged to self-heal, a property it owns one hundred percent, what would it become of most pharmaceutical companies?) A very widespread element today, which arises from negative beliefs, seriously threatening physical health, is fear. Living in a constant state of fear forces our biology to a continuous “race for cover”, as if we had to prepare for an imminent external danger that never seems to come. Our defense mechanisms are not designed to work relentlessly and we often find ourselves in a condition where the production of stress hormones is unsustainable. Furthermore, feeling fear leads to inhibit for protective purposes (with the activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis or HPA) the action of the prefrontal hippocampus and the cortex which is the center of higher intellectual functions. Low activity, it is now known, leads to atrophy. The cases of nocebo lead us to think that doctors, parents and teachers, respecting what they have been taught, can make us lose all hope in the face of a disease (as well as any other obstacle) by reprogramming us to believe we are powerless. Beliefs, whether positive or negative, affect every aspect of life.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values.
Your values ​​become your destiny.”
(Mahatma Gandhi)

“The essential is invisible to the eye”, says the Little Prince, (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). A prerequisite of natural medicine and postulate of many traditional medicines, such as Chinese medicine, is the concept of subtle energies. In addition to a physical body, which has an extension and a material reality, we are in fact endowed with a subtle body that takes names and takes on different characteristics depending on the reference tradition. For example, the basis of polarity therapy (yin and yang.) Is the assumption that there are channels that flow around and within our body, to be imagined as flows of energy that pass through fundamental centers (chakras). Accepting the existence of what we cannot see is the first step to enter the world of subtle energies. In this reality, the symptoms have the function of messengers of a state of discomfort, therefore, in most cases, they already carry the cure within themselves. In fact, the process of energetic self-healing starts from the interpretation of the symptom, an essential phase for acquiring the awareness necessary to deal with the energy imbalance. In fact, starting a self-healing process means listening to oneself: not neglecting the symptoms of a malaise and identifying values ​​that act as a compass in the path of existence (Dr. Hamer’s Germanic medicine).

Approaching self-healing, therefore, means choosing health. For this reason we know how important the human approach of the doctor, the nurse, the therapist in general is, who himself becomes, towards his patient, an indispensable factor in the self-healing process. All this is achieved by strengthening and activating all the residual resources of the person and avoiding as much as possible those processes of dependence that can develop between those who care and those who are treated.

Some advice on how to increase sensitivity towards your subtle energies and how to take care of our energy balance:

It is essential to keep an open mind and give it stimuli, to listen, not to close the channels of dialogue, both verbal and physical. We are obviously talking about a communication that benefits the interlocutors involved, that favors their growth, increases the dose of irony, especially if we are going through a particularly difficult moment.

– Taking care of nutrition
Diet plays a fundamental role in maintaining energy balance. Each food has a specific effect on metabolism and there are some, such as those based on sugar or caffeine, which trigger certain reactions in the body either directly or through a chain effect.

– Doing physical activity
Physical activity helps the flow of energy within the channels (meridians / nadis), giving us a feeling of well-being, tone and centering. Some exercises develop these skills more than others (yoga, Tibetan 5, nature walks, etc.).

– Preventing exhaustion
On the podium of the disorders of our time, in addition to stress and panic attacks, a place of honor is occupied by exhaustion. A person who is experiencing a state of exhaustion is prey to a real energy depletion. It is very important to understand when this is happening and to stop, respecting the recovery phase of the body. When you want, you have to learn to say no to invitations and commitments.

Rest is due to us by right, it should not be considered either a waste of time or a form of laziness. In short, “I need time for me” is a beautiful phrase and should be used whenever the body asks for it. – Meditate Or give space to the spiritual part that is in us. . Letting go of negative beliefs and with them also limiting fears is the basic step to find yourself and reach a freer and more fulfilling life, to be lived with awareness and in full health. For this reason, the soul and spirit also play a fundamental role in healing. They too must be taken care of. Often the pain of the soul is even more intense than physical pain.

The ancients have always known the points of the earth where the currents of energy flow and it is precisely in these places that the most ancient civilizations flourished. But also our Italian peninsula is rich in therapeutic energies, places full of mystery, stones that heal or make fertile, waters that calm the pain …. Below I am pleased to show you some of the many places that can be visited:

La Thuile (Aosta), the place: “the circle of Hannibal” (center of worship linked to the Celtic tribes)

Alessandria (Piedmont), the place: “The healing stone” at the church of S.Varena (for those suffering from back or kidney pain, according to tradition it is necessary to place the painful part on the stone)

Biella (Piedmont) the place. “The stone of Life” at the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Oropa (facilitates fertility)

Briaglia– CN- (Piedmont), the place: “The necropolis of Briaglia” (presence of unusual magnetic anomalies)

Livorno -VC- (Piedmont), the place “the Menhir” and the Knights Templar at the church of S. Maria Isana (there is a Megalith, leaning his back against it, we draw from what is said of the relief)

Pianezza-TO- (Piedmont), the place “The beneficial rock” at the town center (there are over 2000 cubic meters of mass, the whole town has risen around it; the rock contains beneficial and therapeutic properties)

Chiavari-GE- (Liguria), the place: “the ancient philosopher’s residence” at the medieval house in Via Rivarola (probably the site of the ancient Alchemists)

Angera -VA- (Lombardy), the place: “The door of the fairies” at La Tana del Lupo (the legend tells that the cave is populated by a lineage of good and beautiful fairies guarding a portal that opens every 100 years to give passage to a parallel world, but no one knows the date of the opening of the portal)

Capo di Ponte-BS- (Lombardy), the place: “the mysterious rock carvings” at the National Park (engravings concerning scenes of Neolithic life but also beings with strange shapes with helmets and antennas and strange vehicles)

Duino Aurisina-TS- (Friuli Venezia Giulia), the place: “the regenerating waters” at the sources of the Timavo (there are six bubbling pools of water. These waters drunk by those suffering from bladder disorders will relieve the pain)

Verghereto -FO- (Emilia Romagna), the place: “Natural cure for hernia” at Eremo of S.Alberico (the alter of the church is built with a therapeutic stone that is said to have the power to heal the inguinal hernia, especially children seem to recover completely from this problem)

Camerino-MC- (Marche), the place: “the healing stone” at the church of S.Veneziano Martire (in the church there is a stone that seems capable of curing any headache and migraine for both young and old people)

Orvieto-TR- (Umbria), the place: “The mysterious undergrounds of the Rupe” at the artificial caves of the Rupe (it is an underground network that extends deep into the bowels of the earth, dug by the Etruscans. Exploring these caves means, in a symbolic way, to get in touch with the ancient soul of the Etruscans and ours….

Fara S.Martino-CH- (Abruzzo), the place: “the cave that heals” at the Grotta of S.Martino (whoever enters the cave is soothed by pain, children were made to swallow very small stones taken from the banks of the river Verde that flows nearby, a watercourse considered prodigious.)

Barano d’Ischia-NA- (Campagna), the place: “the waters of beauty and well-being” at the Sorgenti of Nitrodi (the waters rich in carbonate-sulphate-chlorate sodium make them effective to soothe rheumatic and joint forms and would cure male impotence)

Crotone (Calabria), the place: “The sanctuary of fertility” at the Capo Colonna (pilgrimage destination for women who want to increase their fertility)

Cabras (Sardinia), the place: “the sanctuary of good” at Ipogeo S. Salvatore (a divinity linked to the cult of water was venerated, on the walls we often find a word in the Punic language such as RUFU ‘ which means Heal.

All the spas in Italy: Sirmione (airways), Chianciano (liver purification), Boario (cardiovascular, gynecological, dermatological problems), Saturnia (mud balneotherapy) etc …

Of course these are just small examples, in Italy and abroad there are some places so dense with mystery that they leave us stunned if nothing else. I therefore wish you to make some of these journeys following paths traced before us by the ancients, seen from the perspective of “a journey to rediscover our origins” and to rediscover our ability to self-heal

Valentina Iacchia


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