Cos’è l’Ayahuasca?

What is Ayahuasca?

In this article we explore the characteristics of Ayahuasca e and how a ceremony takes place.

Ayahuasca commonly called “medicine” by indigenous people, is a sacred drink composed of two plants, the Amazonian vine Banisteriopsis caapi (Ayahuasca) containing betacarbolines (including harmine and harmaline, two MAO-Inhibitors) and the leaves of the shrub Psychotria viridis (Chacruna), which are expertly mixed by the Shaman according to a precise ritual method.

It is in particular in the leaves of Chacruna that dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is found, an alkaloid belonging to the class of hallucinogenic tryptamines that produces the characteristic visionary effect of the drink.

These two plants taken individually do not have any kind of effect while mixed together they have a strongly introspective, sometimes visionary effect and cause an altered state of consciousness.

How this decoction was born is a mystery in fact its use is very ancient, the Shamans say that only the shadows know it and that Ayahuasca was the key to discovering other plants.

How does an Ayahuasca ceremony take place?

It is important to have this experience with an expert Master of Ceremonies, because he must have the ability to protect the environment and help people. He does this also through sacred songs called ICAROS that help people a lot during the ceremony.

The ceremony takes place in the evening, to facilitate the vision and all the participants are seated and waiting their turn, whoever guides the ceremony calls them one by one to administer a cup of medicine that will take effect after about half an hour, an hour and it will last more or less 4/5 hours.

Our intent is also very important because before drinking the medicine, if we think about our intent, the plant will helps us.

During the ceremony there may be breakouts on a physical, mental or emotional level, it can be an unpleasant experience initially also because it is very likely that the participants will vomit or have intestinal problems but it is a form of healing: they are breakouts that are expelled.

Before the ceremony, preparation is required so you will be given a diet to follow in the previous days, for example it is better to avoid drinking alcohol, avoid eating red meat and abstain from sex.

Are there any contraindications?

Yes for people who have serious intestinal diseases, psychiatric problems, epilepsy, heart problems, severe hypertension, diabetes, kidney problems, pregnant people, those who take psychiatric drugs and antidepressants.

In recent times, Ayahuasca has entered the rituals of various religious doctrines such as Santo Daime, União do Vegetal and Barquinia.

Ayahuasca is a gift from the Queen of the forest that heals and purifies our matter and leads us on the spiritual path.