Qual è la differenza tra Ayahuasca e San Pedro (Huachuma)?

What is the difference between Ayahuasca and San Pedro (Huachuma)?

We often hear about medicinal plants, among the most common are San Pedro and Ayahuasca. But what is the difference between Ayahuasca and San Pedro?

Ayahuasca is the master plant of the Amazon, this drink is obtained from the union of two plants, while San Pedro (Huachuma in Quechua language) is the master plant of the Andes and is a single plant, a cactus.
Their effect is different.

Here is the difference between Ayahuasca and San Pedro

Ayahuasca is considered the female teacher plant of the jungle, which offers healing and self-knowledge. San Pedro is considered the master, the male plant of the Andes, expansive and macro-cosmic. The plant medicine of Ayahuasca contains DMT in its composition, while the plant medicine of San Pedro is mescaline.

Ayahuasca helps to understand oneself to find and heal lost parts of the soul: it is a journey within.

Huachuma helps to open our heart and shows us the Divinity in us and outside us and makes us experience the connection with the world around us.

Ayahuasca is often experienced and associated as the energy of a grandmother while the energy of San Pedro is a male energy in fact many shamans compare it to the energy of a father or a grandfather.

Some curanderos believe that before having a ceremony with the use of Ayahuasca it is better to do a ceremony with San Pedro because the two medicines are integrated. San Pedro brings light and helps to face the Ayahuasca ceremony by illuminating the shadows and giving greater support, making the experience of medicine more enlightening precisely because San Pedro is light.

The thing that Sacred Plants of Power have in common is that they have the gift of awakening our inner healer.

When taking sacred medicines, one should not focus on the rational mind, but one should wind down to allow the medicine to pass through the body. We must not fight against medicine but we must let it flow in order to activate our physical and spiritual healing.

Ayahuasca and San Pedro work in different ways, but either way their transformative power can truly change your life. Ayahuasca shows you what you need to change and San Pedro helps you make that change.

These sacred plants, however, are not for everyone: they are in fact forbidden for people predisposed to psychosis while for many people they represent a tool that, if used correctly, can achieve extraordinary results.