In our home, in our families, in our hearts…our animal friends are increasingly more present in our day-to-day life, they are part of us and for most of us are inseparable companions.

Our animals love us, and we are their reference point. Like us, they also live by their emotional state, they can feel joy and sadness, they could even develop feelings of solitude and depression. It is up to us to perceive their emotional state because, as it happens for humans, when our pets are not well emotionally, they’re also not well physically.

Have you ever heard of Bach Flowers? Surely this name doesn’t sound new…someone must have mentioned them to you, maybe you read about them somewhere…you may even have used them! Well, did you know that they can be very beneficial to our animal friends in a wide variety of situations, from the easiest issue to the hardest one?

Let’s make a brief introduction to these flowers, that are as delicate in their look as effective in their work…

  • Bach flowers work on us by energetic vibration, the essence of each flower vibrates with the user, bringing back inner harmony and balance that are lacking in that moment. The flower’s energy influences the vibrations of the use.
  • They have no shortcomings and no active ingredients, this means they have no side effects on our organism, are not addictive and anyone can take them, even our pets.
  • Each flower supports us, there are 38 of them, plus a S.O.S. concoction. Each essence has its characteristics, and it’s up to us to observe our animal’s behavior and mood carefully and objectively, to help them in the best way possible.

Do not forget that our animals are like children, they are spontaneous and without cultural structures, they are pure souls and do not know hate or malice, envy or egoism, prejudice or resentment…thus they respond very well to Edward Bach’s flower remedies.

In this article I’m going to talk about RESCUE REMEDY: the only remedy “ready for use” created by Edward Bach for everyday emergency situations. I have personally tested this remedy on Otto, my sister’s dog.

This mixture is made by combining these 5 floral essences:

  • Cherry Plum: it helps us remain calm in situations where we fear losing control and go crazy.
  • Clematis: it helps us remain present here and now, to not pass out or in a comatose state.
  • Impatiens: it helps us remain calm and collected when confronted with situations we want to run away from.
  • Rock Rose: it helps with panic, with a paralyzing terror.
  • Star of Bethlehem: it helps us overcome traumas, both physical and emotional.

It can be used in lots of emergency situations: shock, physical or mental stress, with experiences of grief, fears such as fear of flight, fear of dentists…therefore in all those moments that can cause anxiety or fear.

Rescue Remedy it is used in veterinary medicine exactly for these reasons: situations in which the animal experiences anxiety, stress, or fear.

My experience with pets

I tried giving Rescue Remedy to my sister’s dog, Otto, a 4-year-old West Highland that was always very agitated on road trips, especially on our way to the vet…I have to say we witnessed amazing results. During the trip he was very calm, and the vet could administer the vaccine without difficulties.

Surely the dog’s personality cannot change, but both for us and them these 38 flowers could effectively help us harmonize our highest qualities.

E. Bach’s thoughts

“All the remedies are obtained from wonderful flowers, plants and trees: none of them is toxic and they cannot do us any harm, it doesn’t even matter how much of them you take.” 

Simona Bulciaghi